Our design team has experience brand identity design, and a passion for helping our clients spread their message. Artist Resource Services offers brand identity design, bio creation, brand messaging, and more.


There’s really no limit to what you can print your logo on, and promotional products are the way to go. We offer a wide variety of products you can extend your brand through! Just ask one of our team members about an idea you have, and they can help you find the right promotional item with your personalized logo. Whether you have your own artwork, just a concept, or are starting from scratch – we’re happy to help!

Ancillary Merch

We at ARS understand that times are changing and we must expand our thought process about the typical merch ideas. We offer a wide variety of products that could be added to your existing set-up. Whether it being an online store or a traditional touring merchandise configuration, adding new and exciting items can create more foot traffic to your tour sales. Our experienced team can provide you with many options and help guide as you navigate how to expand what you are currently doing.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a plastisol ink that is flash-dried onto the garment. Each ink color requires an additional print screen. Turnaround time for screen printing is right at 7-10 business days.


When you want your art to pop on a polo or a hat, embroidery is the way to go. We seek to make sure the stitching is sharp and represents your image in a way you and others will proudly wear. Matching thread colors is no problem, and we can even utilize puff embroidery, giving a 3D look to the stitching on caps. Don’t hesitate to ask about the process and to get some pricing for your order.


We can handle all things printed including banners, posters, flats, CD covers and more! If you have a vision we can fulfill your needs.